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But they were serious about the life-long commitment they were choosing to embark on. Before she even walked down the aisle in her Vera Wang-designed "glamazon-mermaid" wedding gown, drama was at an all-time high between Kobe and Vanessa Bryant and her future in-laws.An insider told a year following their 2001 wedding that Vanessa and Kobe were "very close and very devoted to one another," adding that Vanessa had even gotten over her fear of flying to travel to Kobe's high school in Lower Merion, Pa. According to the , Kobe Bryant's parents, Joe and Pamela Bryant, didn't even show up to the couple's 2001 Dana Point, Calif. Further strain was caused when the newlyweds packed up and moved from Pacific Palisades, Calif.While Kobe's high-profile career means his face is plastered on countless television screens and magazine covers, Vanessa rarely gives interviews.

For one, you have access to a helicopter to bypass the hectic traffic on the Los Angeles freeways.

even went as far as to interview some of her classmates back in May 2000, including a student named Graham Finochio who said the buzz around campus was that Kobe was sending "flowers and stuff" to some "chick." Some chatter from harmless teens was nothing.

Once Vanessa and Kobe decided to get married, reported in 2000.

In a 2016 piece by , it was reported that Kobe hadn't "spoken to his parents in nearly three years," after they attempted to "auction off his high school memorabilia without his consent." Joe and Pam seemed to be absent when the Los Angeles Lakers retired Kobe's two jerseys, numbers 8 and 24, in December 2017, according to A little over two years after getting married, Kobe Bryant's wife's hopes and dreams of a perfect union were shattered when her husband was accused of sexually assaulting a Colorado hotel employee in 2003. Kobe blamed himself for the loss, stating that Vanessa was dealing with too much stress in regards to the sexual assault allegations. "But because of my mistake, because of this tough year, we lost a baby." , Stephen said he believed Vanessa intentionally waited for her marriage's ten-year mark. it's considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until she remarries … He added that Vanessa's mom had "taught her well" — pretty much implying that Vanessa was a gold digger!

Kobe Bryant appeared in the now-infamous televised news conference with a stoic —yet visibly defeated — Vanessa Bryant by his side. But she proved him wrong when she told back in 2012 that, as a mom, her days are extremely busy.

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a television helicopter was seen flying over the school in an attempt to capture images of the then-high school student and her A-list beau.

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