Who is marcia cross dating

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Who is marcia cross dating

Until then let’s just try and respect that everyone is on their own journey."It's hard to say with women because their sexuality is not as hard-wired.It's more of an emotional orientation than a sexual one."Right.Sure, rant about the closetcases once in a while, but devoting enormous energy and venom to them, when the same time and effort can be spent on helping the out celebrities to reach even wider, higher status of shining, virtuous "Heroism", and doing outreach to your neighbors and kins through each gay's own personal network (that has a far more affecting, personable "human face" of struggle than some faraway celebrity easily shut out by the in-group of a stubborn community) - is ignoring what really "fucking matters". Not sure if it's the same poster as R10 - but that's right.R18 why are you entitled to know someone's sexuality just because they are a celebrity?This is somewhat of an 'inconvenient truth' for the LGBT party-liners because the premise they've always championed is that sexuality is static and genetically predetermined and therefore immutable.They're better off saying everyone has the right to love/have sex with whomever they choose without having to provide justification for it.

[3] Less than six months later, Cross announced her engagement to stockbroker Tom Mahoney, leading to widespread speculation on Data Lounge that Cross -- believed by most posters to be a closeted lesbian, owing to both direct accusations made by gossip columnist and Data Lounge user Michael Musto and the fact that she had not, to anyone's public knowledge, dated a man since her then-boyfriend Richard Jordan died of a brain tumor in 1993 -- had entered into a relationship of convenience at the urging of her PR team in order to squash the gay rumors about her.[/italic]It's hard to say with women because their sexuality is not as hard-wired.

The Advocate published an article chronicling this incident.

Within days the rumor had spread like wildfire and garnered mentions in the media including CNN and Fox Television's Los Angeles affiliate, before Cross denied the rumors in an interview with Barbara Walters and her co-hosts on The View.

I can think of a dozen examples of self identifying lesbians who spent more than 2 decades in the lesbian lifestyle and are today settled down in relationships with men.

These were not your LUG (lesbian until graduation) types.

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