Who is kevjumba dating

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Who is kevjumba dating

He created a blog to connect him back to the life he left out.

After leaving You Tube, he decided to do his own investigation on man’s search for meaning.

He announced in a video on his Jumba Fund channel that all revenue in 2012 will be donated to the construction of the school.

It is undetermined how much was made and what is being used for money in 2015 as of June 6, 2013.

Kevin was born in Houston, Texas and attended Clements High School.One of the signature things he did in his videos was dancing in the beginning to a song.On July 24, 2008, Kevjumba made a second You Tube channel called Jumba Fund, where the money he earns from the channel he gives to charity.Although Kevin was silent on most of his social media channels, his content was being released and shared through other Youtube channels and mediums during that time such as Ryan Higa’s “Teehee Time with Kevjumba!,” Wong Fu’s Short Video, “After Us,” and the movies “Hang Loose,” “Revenge of the Green Dragons,” and “Man Up.” There was also the occasional fan sighting on Instagram (which seemed to confirm Kev’s pursuit of spiritual growth); the concerning Facebook post regarding his health; and a short-lived blog he briefly maintained called Monk College.

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On April 21, 2016, Kevin revealed why he left You Tube.