Websites try to make internet dating less creepy

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The result of this is that the dominant platform for social networking will be reversed back into the telephone.This event is very likely to happen because mobile technology is already beginning to advance rapidly, along with the number of people who own cell phones in the USA rising to 82% of the population (Hachman, 2007).This will help the Weave Network to grow and eventually become the dominant social networking service by 2059.As mobile phone technologies become more advanced, the Internet will be replaced by the cell phone as the dominant social networking platform.These technologies create a platform for social networking where people are able to exchange information so that they can easily contact each other.The first major event that had an effect on social networking was the invention of the Internet, which obsolesced telephones for the purpose of social networking.

The past events that affected social networking make the predicted future events very plausible to the development of new social networking technologies.Social networking websites have become a platform in recent times for people to connect if they are unable to be in the same location as their friends.In the past, people needed other ways of connecting and staying connected with the people in their lives.The next great development in technology will be more powerful cell phone networks.This technology will open up a new platform for social networking which will eventually replace the Internet.

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