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Updating rockstar games

After all, while so-called "modders" have added a highly popular police mode called LSPDFR to the PC version of Rockstar's game, the Xbox and Playstation console versions of GTA 5 continue to lack such a mode.

This is a great shame in that it limits Xbox players to wreaking virtual criminal havoc on the fictional city of San Andreas, rather than giving them the ability to serve the finer moral values of law enforcement.

You probably having a problem updating your game, suddenly an update of 898.80 MB in size keep re-downloading the same update all over again, that stuck you forever. Since the standalone version GTA V has no verify integrity which will fixed this common problem similar in Steam.

It will be a little hard on fixing this issue by yourself. First is by using the -verify and -no Chunked Download option tag to force the launcher to download the patch all at once instead of in chunks. If the workaround won’t fix the problem, check your PC ports if its open.

Make sure the TCP Ports (80, 443) are open and UDP Ports (667, 61455, 61457, 6148) as well.

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Previous versions of the Grand Theft Auto video game series had a police mode, where one could play as a law enforcement officer instead of being a criminal.

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Therefore, in this step, we are going to be verifying the game files and make certain that the game files are complete.