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Turn off ps3 updating

If you choose to turn this setting OFF, you will have to manually check if updates are available for your TV.

Follow the below procedure to change the Automatic software download setting.

Assuming you agreed to the Sony privacy policy during the initial setup of the TV, the Automatic software download setting from your TV is turned ON by default.

This means that as soon as an update is available for your device, if it is connected to a network with Internet access, it will start downloading automatically.

Perhaps in the future, the PS4 will do this as well. It turns it on, but not off, but then the TV turns it's self off after a while of no signal.

This is a great feature, if i just turn on my PS3 or PS4 it cascades through my home theater turning on the amp and tv to the correct input ready to play with one button.

If i turn off my TV it cascades the other way, turning off my amp and console(s).

It's possible additional features could be added over time.

My Apple TV, for instance, will pause a video automatically if the input is changed.

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