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Unless we're getting a LOLZ tattoo (see points 7 and 8), chances are we've spent ages stalking our fave artists on Instagram until they have available appointments. Strangers touch us (without permission) in the street. Those people that have one tattoo and don't want any more? Most of us only wanted one to begin with but hey, look how that turned out.6. Do you be fully and wholeheartedly yourself and rock up flashing your arm tattoos, or cover them and slowly release them one by one after you get the job? Strangers always show us their own (despite us not asking). Taking good care of our tattoos is super important, and slathering ourselves in factory fiddy will stop them from fading/ageing badly.16.

A stand-up comic is ashamed to tell his fiancée that he's alone in the world, so he has his imaginary family brought to life to introduce to her; and Tattoo starts a computer-dating service which matches all its female clients with the same man - Roarke.My husband often talks about getting a tattoo but he hasn't settled on a design. My best friend and I got matching hibiscus flower tattoos when were 19. If I didn't have it already, I don't think I'd head to the tattoo shop with the same enthusiasm I had back then.Though, I can't imagine ever having it removed. Like, I don't know, I genuinely have never counted and why would I? When hair grows over a tattoo on say, a leg, it looks all fuzzy and weird. We've lost count of the number of times weird men down the pub have lifted up their shirts to show us their tattooed pot bellies. There is no greater joy than shaving over a hairy tattoo.

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