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Stella and jenny warpaint dating

She looks like my kind of girl.” A year or two later, Kokal, Wayman, Lindberg, on bass, and Sossamon, on drums, began rehearsing together.

The combination of two inseparable childhood friends, and two sisters, one of whom was now a Hollywood star, was, according to Lindberg, “intense – there were all kinds of dynamics flying around”.

But it all gets to feel a bit old after a while.’’ The Fool is the kind of deep, searching record that today’s quick-hit pop culture rarely throws up. They both make you want to cry.” In person, Kokal is gregarious and loud while Wayman seems rather downbeat, possibly not helped by having her four-year-old son on this crucial tour.

Incubated over almost seven years together, Warpaint’s sound is certainly not one of easy verse/chorus repetition – indeed, it takes a good few listens to fathom its shifting rhythms, ethereal melodies and dissonant tones. “We all have stuff we’re figuring out about life, you know? “Shadows, which I wrote, is about Los Angeles and feeling closed in by it.

None of this, it must be said, would necessarily lead one to anticipate great things of Warpaint’s music.

Live Nation pre-sale starts TODAY at 10am (local time).There were short-term replacements, but Warpaint’s line-up finally snapped into place with the arrival last year of Stella Mozgawa, an experienced, powerhouse drummer from Australia, who helped unite the band’s disparate sensibilities into a coherent whole.Within a couple of months of her arrival, they’d recorded their first album, The Fool, and the buzz began to spread.“We used to sing together when we’d walk to school. We travelled to south-east Asia, Europe and eventually drove cross-country to live in Los Angeles.” Sossamon, meanwhile, had moved to LA from Reno, Nevada, to get into movie acting.Her sister, Jenny Lee Lindberg, soon joined her there where she had a chance encounter with Kokal.

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For at least 18 months, the quartet played only in private, for themselves, jamming their weird, meandering songs into being, with no worldly aspirations.

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