Steambot chronicles dating guide

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Steambot chronicles dating guide

The game has a massive array of choices, from what Vanilla says, to what Vanilla wears, to what Vanilla does, ninety percent of which does not actually matter as far as plot is concerned, but are quite effective as a means to... The game didn't sell particularly well, at least partially thanks to its incredibly laid back style, as well as load times and occasionally wonky controls. It did away with most of the elements Steambot Chronicles was known for, focusing purely on the Trotmobile battles and the side quests.

But the world is interesting, and there are far worse ways to do.. A proper sequel, Bumpy Trot 2, was announced in 2006.

While waking Vanilla is startled by a girl named Coriander, who is standing above him.

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The game starts with Vanilla awaking from a ship wreck on a beach, having no clue where he came from or how the shipwrecked.

Vanilla only realizes his own name cause it is engraved on his Harmonica.

The main character, Vanilla, wakes up on the shore of Seagull Beach with amnesia, awakened by a girl who's part of a band called the Garland Globetrotters.

Finding an abandoned and beat up trotmobile nearby, he agrees to help her reunite with her friends in the nearby town, while also trying to rediscover his lost past. Said to be like Grand Theft Auto if you removed every shred of psychopathy from the mix, Steambot Chronicles offers a cheery Cel Shaded world with a massive amount of Side Quests, Mini Games, fashion, music, and myriad other ways to completely waste your time. It was later followed by Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament, a PSP game taking place sometime after the first game.

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Steambot Chronicles begins with a Personality test.

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