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When she message you don’t be tempted to reply that will blow your cover. Anticipation can be a good thing, it will keep her thinking about you. She might have trouble with some technical stuff on her computer.

The more she thinks about it the more that you will have a place on her heart or mind. Walk her though it, don’t worry if you’re not a tech person just Google whatever issues she have.

Careful with the use of jargons or acronyms when chatting, but be familiar with common chat lingo.

A big problem with online chat is that there is big danger in ASSUMPTIONS – do you assume that she knows what your talking about?

I normally use pick up lines when I’m out of topic to talk about, or when I’m trying to chat to her the next day. Remember pick up lines are meant to lighten the mood and be funny (they are not really meant to impress)Use smiley’s and emoticons.

She will love it, and it will lead her to think that you’re meant for each other. After your first online interactions you can give her a nick name like “Sweetie”, “FBjane” or “Cutie”. That will be a good sign that she’s really into you. If you trust her enough give her your number and address.She will appreciate that you’re willing to help her. You can use this as an excuse why she should go out with you.If the issue is still unsolved tell her that you can make free time and have a look at her computer.If it’s the first time that you have chatted, make the conversation light and short. This will drive her away, or she may take advantage of it and abuse you the power you are giving her.Most guys will make a mistake of giving out there number right in the first conversation. This will make you look desperate and it’s a sign that you are overly interested with her.

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This will sound weird because these are very personal words to use on first interactions. your STILL managing to get your creep on)Make short and light conversation.

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