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It works in the same way as a bicycle dynamo that generates electricity from a rotating wheel.The generated electricity activates the Integrated Chip (IC) and the quartz oscillator linked to it, with the latter generating a precise reference signal of 32,786 Hertz.Consequently, their mainspring is connected to a gear train, also very similar to the gear train you would find in a traditional mechanical watch movement.In fact, some 80% of the components in a Spring Drive caliber are the same as those in a luxury mechanical watch.The IC monitor compares the rotor’s speed with the signal and intermittently applies this magnetic brake to prevent excessively fast rotation… Driven by a wound mainspring through a regular gear train and regulated by an integrated circuit and quartz oscillator, it is a most unique blend of traditional mechanical watchmaking and 21st-century technology.Now, at last, let’s imagine all this electro-mechanical, mainspring-driven technology shoehorned into a case small enough to be perfectly wearable on the wrist, have three days of power reserve, be accurate to no more than /-15 seconds per month, and be reliable in the long run at a much wider spectrum of temperatures than regular mechanical watches.I tried the calculator on my Seiko and found all of them 10 years older then it should be as I assume the earliest date the movement came out, which was 10 years ago. Nope, you're mixing the serial number with the case type number. Someone (on the net) offers Seiko SKX781K or "orange monster" with following description: * 7S26-0350 (so it would be: movement 7S26 & case no. Then using the calculator, found production date is August, 1996?

The review of the watch we will be publishing tomorrow (that is, on Monday, just after midnight, PST), but since this segment turned out to be detailed enough, we figured it would be best to make it into a separate article that was easy for you to find and easy for us to reference later on.42XXXX would be february of the 4th year of what ever decade that movement was used, so I think 7009s were from the 1980s. I think as well, that as Seiko only use the last year of the date, you must at least know which decade your watch is from. My 6138-8040 is a 6N, I'm pretty sure it was neither produced in 19. We’ll try our best to keep things consistent and easy to understand so that you can easily tell when we are talking about the automatic rotor or the rotor responsible for timekeeping, located at the end of the gear train.Check the image above to see the rotor at the end of the gear train.

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The Seiko Spring Drive watch movement technology is one of the most unique, ingenious, efficient, and accurate calibers ever designed and is in a class of its own among modern mass produced movements.