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If you continue to chat with girls on your phone or Skype, that’s mostly a sign that the girls are real and interested in you.People have been most concern about spammy fake profiles. After I signed up and upgraded my account to platinum membership, I chatted with few girls.Going crazy for Russian women is not something that happens overnight. First, you hear stories about how beautiful girls are in Russia; you hear all sorts of stories, good and bad. I liked it so much that I ended up staying for a few months and I even learned some Russian. Approaching girls at day or night is entirely different than in the US, so it takes time to learn all tricks and tips. Luckily, a friend showed me one app that helped me at the beginning to get some dates and meet few beautiful girls in Moscow. I am so thankful for this website that I decided to spread the word about it and write a Russian cupid review, so that guys who are struggling learn how to use it and finally get what they want.Then you see some famous Russian women and think, oh they are hot. After that, you decide to go to Turkey, Egypt or Montenegro, and there you find a lot of Russian girls on the beach walking next to you. You know those dating agencies where you have to pay for even messaging a girl.They were all looking very good, and I understand why some folks would think that it’s fake.I also got contacted by a girl and thought it was fake.

There are 543 testimonials of mostly western men as well. It was obvious that tinder is not a dating site Russian girls use, they may install it, but they don’t check tinder very often.

But two weeks later we went on a date (more on that later).

I have to say, none of the girls asked me for money.

They use VKontakte instead of Facebook, Signal and Telegram instead of Viber and Whatsup, Yandex instead of Google and so on… Today, things are a little bit different, not only that situation is better but you are no longer a god in Russia just because you have the money or because you come from the states.

Don’t get me wrong, there are gold diggers like in any other country, and I like to call them “club girls” because you will meet them every Saturday night at the same club.

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You clicked on this article about Russian cupid review because you probably dream about dating a beautiful blonde Russian girl. And I know damn well how a man feels when he discovers how beautiful, honest, sexy and nice Russian women are.

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