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personality Renee Young confirmed that she and Ambrose are a married couple.

This came after fans had speculated that the two tied the knot, but Young did not offer any information about when the wedding took place.

So what do we know about the marriage between Renee Young and Dean Ambrose? It was just over a week ago that John Cena and Nikki Bella were engaged in a very public fashion at Wrestle Mania, but Renee Young and Dean Ambrose tying the knot had none of the same spectacle.

In fact, all that happened was that on We don’t even actually know when the wedding took place.

She became the host of Right After Wrestling, which was later retitled an interview/entertainment show available on the WWE Network.But it€™s far too late and I've got my claws stuck into her now, she can€™t go anywhere.€ He then joked that she's got a pretty good catch as well, €œWould a girl like that want to be with anyone but the legendary Dean Ambrose?So, its going to work.€ They've been together for a long time now, and there's even been subtle hints on-screen during interviews that there's a relationship there.Literally the extent of our knowledge about this situation is that Young and Ambrose are now married when they weren’t before.It’s not hard to understand why they might want to keep this part of their lives private.

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Even though he’s on TV for several hours every week, Dean Ambrose is a bit of an enigma.

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