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Some of the past success of using sexual imagery in advertising has been attributed to what psychologists call “classical conditioning”, a method that can, if used correctly, enhance attention and memory.

Classical conditioning happens when the sexual arousal prompted by the advert is subconsciously transferred to the product or brand, leading to a feeling of arousal when exposed again to the product or brand, generating a “feel-good effect” for the product.

Numerous female celebrities have stripped for charities such as PETA, but it has been found that using sexualised imagery can be seen as dehumanising to women, leading to a subsequent decrease in support for the brands or companies in question.

Interestingly, both men and women adopt negative views of ethical causes “exploiting” women in this way, as the audience ends up questioning the integrity of a charity which would seemingly benefit from taking advantage of women.

What started out as something novel – in step with the sexual liberation of the 1960s and 1970s – has now turned into something mundane and everyday, even frowned upon.

Presenting four brand new styles to the dinner table, including the new design brief, hipster and jock, along with a brand new style entirely… Beware though, British Puddings are all about the calories and we fully intend all of this collection to go right to the hips and bums of any discerning pudding lover.

It would be easy to think that sex is the key to selling almost anything.

In the past, it has been claimed that sexually-laden advertisements grab consumers’ attention, enhance memory of the brand, establish positive attitudes, and increase the likelihood of purchase. Published in the International Journal of Advertising, a new analysis that compared the results of 78 research studies between 19 found that while people remember adverts with sexual appeal more than those without, the enhanced recollection does not extend to the product or brand that advert is selling.

Created and crafted to culminate in an underwear climax of scantily clad men’s underwear lovers.

This brings a totally new meaning to offering to make the pudding!

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As we now live in a world where sexual imagery can be found easily online, scantily-clad men and women in advertising are not going to capture the attention and generate the arousal they once did. Overtly explicit sex adverts are no longer deemed fashionable. There has been a big political shift that is altering peoples’ interest and focus, and a big part of this is the recent political upheaval in the US.

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