Osamu mukai and maki horikita dating

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20 years old Chisato lost her mother to illness at a young age.

Her father, an impulsive gambler, has disappeared, leaving her with a 100 million Yen debt.

Originally, Takeru believed that his father wanted him to become Shinzo's son so that Takeru could inherit money and send it to his father, but in time, it becomes apparent that was not the real reason why Takeru's father sent him to the Okura household.

He seems to be developing a romantic interest in Chisato but seeing his brothers also feeling the same way, particularly after seeing both Sho and Chisato, he holds his feelings inside.

She then finds out that he only has one month to live and is in need of a "wife" to take care of him.

and you look so match with keiko kitagawa to (in paradise kiss). wish u luck and do the best for your carrier,, and your love also your life. : D I think some of the japanese actor are kinda cute...:).one of them.to see you in more t.v shows and movies... おめでとうございます。I am looking forward to follow you with all movies and drama you were in and all the best for you. Mukai Osamu, if anyhow you read this comment,please come meet me.. OMG (scuseme for the bad english) i just knew him YESTERDAY when i was watching atashinchi no danshi via online, and thought "nyaaa, this guy is pretty cute~~~" today, i went to a dvd store and spotted bouchou mania 09 by coincidence. and btw did u guys know that he graduated a suppper elite college in japan and was a bartender 4 like 7 years!! plus he didn't even have to go to the agency to become an actor cuz he wuz sooooo hot that he was scouted into the business. Because his parents died after rescuing from a fire when he went in to retrieve a toy, he believes that he killed them. At a young age, he was marked as a genius magician, but because of scandals his parents caused he was bullied in school, therefore he locked himself up in his room for a year after getting being adopted by Okura Shinzo. It is revealed that he gambled to raise money to pay for Chisato's mother's medical bills. i really love him especially in PARADISE KISS it made starstruck with him the way he act in the movie it made me inlove with him... i just watch you in paradise kiss and hotaru no hikari 2... Then I saw a DVD of Paradise Kiss which you take the role as George san. Surprisingly, you really light up the character along with keiko san. Haven't finish it yet but it is such a good drama with good scenes. i truly pray to God every night, that i will meet him one day... and it breaks my heart to see his photo on An An magazine. ^///^ i knew him for a loong time and is the greatest fan of him!!! It was revealed that she was never legally Shinzo's wife.30-years-old first son, Fū is a free person, but unemployed. His mother was a hostess at a bar, so his father could not publicly reveal that Fū was his son.

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However, each son has hidden himself away from the rest of the family and treat each other as mere strangers that live in the same household.

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