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They say the percentage of households with credit card balances hovers around the mid-40s.

Jonathan Zinman, an assistant professor of economics at Dartmouth College and author of several studies on debt reporting habits of consumers, suggests it may be common for people to underreport debt.

Women in the poll were slightly less willing to talk about credit card debt (83 percent unwilling to talk) than men (77 percent).

Women were also less likely to talk about their health problems (61 percent) than men (54 percent) as well as their love lives, political views, age and weight. “More often than not we find in clinical experience that the man is driven by a female,” Kanaris says.

“They are married and they are reaching out to try to get something done.” He said the male poll respondents could be more willing to “talk” while women actually act.

“It could be a little bit of a difference between talking about it and trying to get something done.

His findings: Most people underreport the level of credit card debt they are carrying by two to three times the amount.

Zinman says a study shows there may be very real consequences for some people who keep silent about their financial difficulties.

I’m going to ask your opinion about a series of topics.The nationwide group represents 36 nonprofit consumer credit counseling agencies that operate 178 counseling offices in 38 states.“About 70 percent of our clients are females,” Jones says.The margin of error for the full sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points.Peter Kanaris, coordinator of public education for the New York State Psychological Association and a clinical psychologist in Long Island, says the poll results are a sign of our tough economic times.

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A Credit poll found that eight out of 10 Americans are unlikely to talk openly about their level of credit card debt with someone they just met.