Naked dating vid

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Naked dating vid

From her first moment, Katie lets that freak flag fly higher than any other.

She’s never met an inhibition she didn’t release to the wind.

She shows up later with a shiner and a thirst for revenge.

He goes right in for the hug, attempting to dick-poke her because that’s went men do.Keegan can’t contain his enjoyment and lets lets his flag fly, if you will.Ladies and gentleman, we have our first accidental boner of the season!I fell into a deep hypnosis listening to him talk and talk while stress hives slowly crept up his back. Back at the Jungle Villa, things go from porno to PSA as Keegan turns into a total alpha-male meathead.He takes one look at poor Dan, gingerly sipping his first margarita like a 16-year-old at TGI Fridays and says, “I would have made that kid cry in high school.” His total jock-douche shtick is a huge turn-off.

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The pair sit there totally nude, the silence punctuated only by Diane’s strained conversation-starters, i.e., “Oh, is your mom German?