Naked bow hunter

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Naked bow hunter

Her past two turkeys were taken with her Weatherby 12 gauge shotgun, but her goal is to get one with a bow next season.

Hometown: Auburn, AL Rozanne is a huge fan of the outdoors.

Neith Neith of Ancient Egypt was a dual goddess of war and hunting, and is often depicted with two arrows crossed over a shield.

Though the phenomenon of female hunters is seemingly a recent one, the notion of women hunting is as ancient as civilization itself.

Stories of powerful huntresses have filled our legends and stories for centuries.

She has never killed anything with a gun and doesn’t plan to. Hometown: Dixie County, Florida Rebecca is twenty five years old now and has been hunting for twenty five years.

She was with her mother and father deer, hog and gator hunting until she was 8 months in the womb.

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