Mr l rx dating to relating review

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And their personality types combine with their physical types to create ugly women with great personalities, ugly women with rotten personalities, ugly women with mediocre personalities, mediocre looking women with great personalities, mediocre looking women with mediocre personalities, etc.

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Now there is some kind of "normal curve" on this whole thing and the majority of women fall into the "mediocre looking woman with a mediocre personality" range and the "hot looking woman with the great personality" is probably like the IQ 180 type - Rare!

By meeting and dating lots of women you increase your chances of meeting someone on that normal curve who is in the same place as you.

Conversely, I learned that there were a lot of beautiful women who were pretty much "ugly" inside.

And no matter how beautiful they are on the outside, I would never want to have sex with them.

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I would also write down qualities that I didn't like, qualities that irritated me and that I was uncomfortable with. 3) "Don't compromise your integrity" is another major dating principle.