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Sage Publications 1) What is the tension at the heart of the master-slave relationship that Bonnie Thornton Dill believes had a major influence on slaveowners’ attitudes and policies towards families among African-American slaves?

34) What does Martin King Whyte think is the real predictor of marital success? Marriage, The Deinstitutionalization of Marriage by Andrew J.

Cherlin The Good, and the Bad, and the Greedy by Naomi Gerstel and Natalia Sarkisian 35) What does the sociological term “deinstitutionalization” in Andrew Cherlin’s article mean?

18) Which aspects of Cuban American families can be connected with their use of an ethnic enclave strategy to make it in America? Love, Sex and Courtship and Choosing Mates—The American Way Martin King Whyte 19) According to Martin King Whyte, in which ways did young Americans got to know each other before the era of dating?

20) What, according to Martin King Whyte, were some of the causes of the first sexual revolution in America?

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2) How does Bonnie Thornton Dill say the Emancipation affected the division of labor in former slave families?