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Mandating dose error reduction

BD Pyxis IV Prep The pharmacist-verified order is received.

BD Pyxis IV Prep uses barcoding technology to ensure the right drug is selected and uses gravimetric analysis to ensure the pharmacy technician is compounding the accurate dose. The EMR sends the infusion order parameters directly to the pump, automatically pre-populating it.

The nurse simply reviews and validates the data, so it can be captured in the patient's record. (Missed Connections: A Nurses Survey on Interoperability and Improved Patient Care, West Health Institute, March 2015.) Infusion orders flow from the physician to the pharmacist—but then the communication breaks down at the patient’s bedside, so the nurse must manually program the pump and document the results. IV Prep helps to provide enhanced safety and quality assurance by combining barcoding and gravimetric measurements during the preparation of IV meds in an automated, repeatable process that meets ISMP guidelines.

Physicians expect the order they place to be the medication order administered to the patient, but disparate infusion technologies and manual workflows make compounding and administration complex and error-prone. Standardize infusion therapy across hospitals, connect infusion systems with the EMR, and detect and address infusion safety risks before they reach the patient and accurately capture infusion status data to maximize your revenue lift opportunity.

"Identify practice and issues impacting the nursing community which need to be addressed through education, policy, legislation or position statements." This is the responsibility of the MNA Congress on Nursing Practice recorded in the MNA bylaws.

The Congress on Nursing Practice is one of three structural groups of the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

However, studies have shown that the use of insulin has been associated with more medication errors than any other type or class of drug.

More than 52% of the reported events led to situations in which a patient may have or actually received the wrong dose or no dose of insulin (e.g., dose omissions, wrong dose/overdosage, wrong dose/underdosage, extra dose, wrong rate errors), which could lead to difficulties in glycemic control.Using this data-driven and proactive approach to infusion safety, you can help avert infusion-related patient harm.The interoperability of BD's infusion platform reduces the need for manual key presses, reducing chances of error.By using a single, streamlined platform for medication management, your IT department will have fewer systems, databases and network traffic to manage, while ensuring scalability for growth and security.IT can easily send formulary data sets, manage user and device administration, and push system updates across all sites and facilities within your health system.

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That means you can maintain standardization, improve safety, reduce cost, all while ensuring system reliability and security.

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