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A threesome with Leslie and Taylor is a fantasy of mine. I have always gotten on really well with my sis who is 14 now.When other guys in school were having dreadful fights with their younger sisters, me an Rachel were helping each other out and supporting each other when mom and dad were getting at us.Had kissed and fondled a few girls breasts, but unlike today, had limited access to nude magazines or stories.While at college, I had several opportunities to get my fingers in different girls pussies, and had become intox...We've known each other for years and holiday together frequently yet I've never had a good look at her body as she keeps her ample assets well hidden in her ver...» Read more My wife of 40 years, has always called a hand job a 'Luv Tug'.

After a late Friday night J had spent the night at my place. » Read more My friend I will call her Elizabeth likes to watch me masturbate.» Read more At my local gym we have a big hydro pool with very powerful water jets.In the gym area the running manchines overlook the pool area and you can see who's in the pool.She was 18 and I was 22 when she first gave me a Luv Tug.I remember a lot of them through the years, most of them ended with intercourse.

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An ex bf of Taylor's told me some stories about her after they broke up. Little did he know I was enjoying his sex stories and very turned on!