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And yet more people have signed up to Ashley Madison since the hack than had signed up before.And that is extraordinary."We represent how a company can come back from what could be seen as catastrophic circumstances," chief strategy officer Paul Keable tells me, "if you take the right approach."One affair at a time."And there are almost 150,000 people a week, almost 600,000 a month, signing up to Ashley Madison who have not been members before? "There's a market for us, people have started to trust us again, which I think surprises people.And despite what should have maybe been a company-ending event, it's given us a reason to become a better company.Keable's portfolio covers strategy, communication, media relations.He has been with the company since 2013—with an extended break a year or so after the hack."Everyone predicted we would fall apart immediately, to come back as we have shows good leadership and a good strategy means you can come back from anything."Lessons learned, I ask."When you're in the moment it feels like the worse thing—don't worry about what people are saying, focus on what's true and what you need to fix."And things you might have done differently?He laughs aloud: "Better security." The hack was one thing, but the scrutiny also shone a light on other business practices within the company.

In fact we're probably the only true global dating brand in the world.We're well on the way to surpassing member numbers and we will now turn our attention to the broader international markets."The number 60 million was bandied around in press releases earlier in the year."That's cumulative," he says, "the number of people who have joined since inception in 2002.We look at the number of people through the door on a daily basis, that gives you a sense of continued interest, continued ability to grow on your base.because e Harmony and Match are not going to play the same way in India as they do in America, whereas we can."I ask about the ethics."A lot of members say we give them a way to keep their marriage alive," is Keable's answer."A lot of members are happy with their husbands and wives in general.

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The biggest issue in cybersecurity is phishing activities and people's own security. Impact claimed to have been in Ashley Madison's systems for months, looking at the data.

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