Live camera in egypt free

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Live camera in egypt free

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If the larger void is inclined, for instance, it could be a large passageway like the grand gallery, Tayoubi explained.

On the other hand, if the void is horizontal, then it could consist of one or more chambers.

In addition to their research, the scientists are working with documentary makers to create "Secrets of the Dead: Scanning the Pyramids." That will premiere Jan. local time on PBS and can be viewed online starting Jan. Additional videos and information that help the public understand the team's research can also be seen on the Scan Pyramids website and a video showing how the robots may explore the smaller void can be seen on You Tube.

Egypt – It is a country known to have a lot of secrets.

But the fun doesn’t stop there: we’ve also included one free Gameloft game every month for a year. Enjoy high quality voice calls, outstanding battery life, a built-in torchlight, FM Radio, MP3 and video player, up to 18 hours talk time, up to 19 days standby time, Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth audio support for headsets. Manage your calling, messaging, and data costs with a dual SIM phone.The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities will also need to give final approval for the robots.The hole that needs to be drilled would damage the pyramid slightly.The relieving chambers are located above the king's chamber — a chamber that holds a sarcophagus that many archaeologists believe was used to bury Khufu.These chambers may have been constructed to take pressure off the ceiling of the king's chamber, preventing the ceiling from collapsing (hence, their name).

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Tayoubi emphasized that robot exploration is not the immediate goal of the Scan Pyramids project, but rather something that may be considered in the future.