Klippel feil in adults chat

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Klippel feil in adults chat

There was no surgeon available nor an anesthesiologist.My resident OB/GYN and another physician started ripping the afterbirth out with their hands and I lived. The Urologist who diagnosed me, refused to see me in the ER when I had a kidney stone (causing hydronephrosis) that was 9 mm in size.When I had the arteries in my neck checked, the whole time I held my head to the left, I talk like I have had a stroke.I have to have my esophagus stretched every so often. Just typing this, I am nodding off and having to come back to correct it.I have no money to pay for transportation and can't drive very far. One should be grateful to providence for pulling through. Presently I feel you could go for stenting in narrowed carotids, which will help alleviate brain symptom of fainting or black-out like events. Visiting a teaching medical school cardiovascular department may be good idea. I was a former LPN and graduated top of my class, passed my boards with the least amount of questions possible and was licensed in both WV and KY. I am blessed to have had the experiences I have had in life.

This questionnaire has a simple scoring system which is as follows: ) If your child passes the CHAT then no further tests will be done.

What would be my best route to getting better care and finding out what is going on with these diseases?

Also I had some things happen at the beginning of the year last year that I would like to know what happened.

The one who confirmed my diagnosis later wrote in my chart that he could not see that I had a clear picture of KFS and that I could range my head quite nicely.

C-1 is fused to my skull and there is a space where I have been told it would be easy to break my neck and then C-2 & C-3 are fused. My geneticist confirmed KFS and hemifacial microsomia.

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It was the most excruciating thing I have ever endured. Two months later, I was bleeding still and full of infected afterbirth that should have went septic but did not. He was angry because I saw another Urologist one time.