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Katherine scott dating

She made suggestive comments to Derek while torturing him and teased Scott Mc Call during the family dinner in Magic Bullet.

Peter Hale, out for revenge, killed most of her conspirators and tore out her throat with a deep scratch. Suspecting that the scratch of an Alpha would result in transformation, Mexican Hunter Araya Calavera came to Beacon Hills to check.

With this being done, she is blamed for the Hale House burning down, and the murders of her co-conspirators.

Kate fully recovered as a Werejaguar, faked suicide, and escaped.

Throughout that time, Kate pushed Allison to learn more about her family and their mission to hunt werewolves.

The character’s dialogue was rife with sexual innuendo.

(Read More...) She directed her to the French legend of La Bête du Gévaudan and the connection between the beast in the story and the Argent family.

(Read More...) Kate taught Allison to use a Taser gun and uses her to get information on her friends strange behaviors.

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