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If you are doing the approaching, ask yourself: are you being genuine, or does your conversation starter sound contrived?Whenever I go shopping and I am only thinking of a specific outfit to buy, nothing else I see will please me. When you are too strict about what you are looking for, you run the risk of letting great people go.If you’re looking for a potential match to approach you or for you to approach another person, you need to consider how you are coming across to others.For example, if you’re eyeing a cutie across the room, don’t just leave it up to the eyes — a smile can go a long way.If you like music, go to your local record store or get tickets for a nearby show.

I’m talking about the old-fashioned and genuine approach of just getting to know a stranger.

Oprah was a believer in doing this, and well, you can never argue with Oprah.

I hate to get all cheesy on you all, but you need to love yourself before you can healthily love another.

Figuring out what you want in a partner is hard enough and trying to find that person is even harder.

It’s even more difficult to find a significant other in this day and age.

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If your dating comfort zone resembles whipped cream by the spoonful while binge-watching New Girl on a Friday night (which, by the way, I think sounds absolutely glorious), then you might want to step out a little more.

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