Jewish dating advice for man who is nia long currently dating

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In part, this seems to be due to our biological destiny.

In a new relationship, our bodies are endowed with health and vigor to help propel and motivate us toward the task of bearing offspring.

With this introduction, we can now proceed to the heart of the matter.

The Gemara Sanhedrin (28b) rules that a wife through erusin is also considered a relative and one may not testify about her, even though it is not a fully complete marriage.

Instead of getting angry, or saying something sarcastic, consider a totally different response.

It could be a joke, it could be experimenting with choosing to not care about whether the light was left on or not.

Of course one very important relation is the spouse.

The reader may be familiar with the concept that Jewish marriage is accomplished in two stages, erusin and nisuin.

In modern times, erusin and nesuin are accomplished back to back.” This calls attention to the dynamic that when one feels intense passion for another person, flaws and inconveniences are hardly noticed.On the other hand, if one no longer has this strong feeling, even minor shortcomings, physical defects and slightly annoying habits are magnified a thousandfold.Women instinctively do this by buying new clothes, or trying new hairstyles. A person can consciously make an effort to be different without buying new clothes.He can order different food, encourage his spouse to try a new activity.

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So while there definitely are strong biological and instinctive reasons why a married couple of many years will not feel the same passion as when they were newlyweds, there may be ways to effectively combat this trend.

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