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Life in Iran's capital Tehran might seem stodgy — think angry ayatollahs, black chadors and mobs exhorting "Death to America." That's real, but so is the less visible side of Tehran: the illicit drugs, hipster fashion and outraged bloggers.That side of the city is on display in City of Lies: Love, Sex, Death and the Search For Truth in Tehran, the latest book from Iranian author Ramita Navai.(done only on men) shows that 92% of the participant men said they would leave their wife if her claim to be a virgin proved to be wrong, and 24% of this number would insist on knowing their spouse’s previous partners.Some men have even reversed the trend by avoiding virgins altogether.Most traditional and religious Iranians, particularly those who live in smaller provinces, believe that women must save their virginity for marriage.Regardless of how sexually experienced the groom may be, ideally, the bride must be untouched.

Even though the doctor was a family doctor and seemingly trusted, the groom’s mother insisted on calling the marriage off. Trends and customs have changed however, even in rural areas where families tend to be more conservative and religious.

There are — albeit rare in urban areas — some families who would like to be certain about their bride-to-be’s virginity, so they take her to a doctor or midwife they know or trust to be examined and therefore verify the existence of her undamaged hymen.

Some people take the bride to xaminer of the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization for a “second opinion” to clarify the authenticity of a woman’s virginity claim; sometimes even despite a doctor’s affirmation.

Babak, a 32-year-old civil engineer, told that a claim of virginity — even if it is based on the truth — is a deal breaker for him when it comes to marriage.

He said an unmarried woman in her 20s or 30s who claims to be sexually untouched is either lying and may have undergone reconstruction surgery, or is frigid.

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Names and addresses of some doctors’ offices and private clinics In the past, some families would go the extra mile to make sure that the bride is, in fact, a virgin.