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While people are finding many versatile uses for Apple's i Chat AV software, they're not yet using it much for what it was intended – video conferencing.

Marc Zeedar has found a novel use for Apple Computer's new i Chat video-conferencing software – broadcasting pay-per-view soccer games to his brother across town.

But when his Ti Vo is plugged into the camera, Zeedar can broadcast pay-per-view soccer games to others.

Zeedar has used i Chat AV for other things, too, like remotely trouble-shooting a friend's Mac (his friend copied error messages into the software's text window) and making free international phone calls with the audio chat component.)Watch an i Chat video conference) with Apple product managers.

Because so few people have friends and relatives with the necessary setup, people who do have the equipment are turning to i Chat registries, which list people from all over the world who are ready and willing to hold video conferences with perfect strangers."Since i Chat AV is an Apple-only technology – for now, I hope – there is a smaller base of people with which to chat," said August Trometer of

In the five weeks since Apple made the software available to the public, a half-dozen registries have popped up, including i Chat Finder, Myi Sight.com, i Sighting, i and

Zeedar, a designer, programmer and writer from Santa Cruz, California, discovered he can use his camcorder to connect his Ti Vo digital video recorder to his Mac.

The camcorder has analog video-in jacks, which let it import video from just about any source, including a VCR or a Ti Vo.

For a start, the software, which is still in beta, is Mac-only.

There are other aspects of video-conferencing decorum just becoming apparent to users."It's such a new technology that we really haven't developed the etiquette to use it," said dotmac.info's Trometer.

"When ringing a stranger, for example, there's how to start the conversation, or the who-hangs-up-first question.

Messages in Mac OS X has two methods of time-stamping messages; an automatically applied timestamp when a new conversation starts or message is received, and a lesser known ability to view the timestamp of any i Message or text message sent with the Mac Messages app.

We’re going to focus on the latter approach since it will allow a Mac user to reveal the exact date and time that any message was sent or received within the Messages app of Mac OS X.

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