Hrvatski sex dating

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Hrvatski sex dating

Our vast general knowledge makes us a bit cocky as well so make sure to have your facts straight before confronting a Croatian girl on a certain subject or you might get schooled.

MAKE AN EFFORT TO LEARN A FEW WORDS IN CROATIAN Yes, our language is difficult.

Always near him, always together, always happy, always when he wants it.

After all, he should have some time for himself and his friends right?

Both men and women are always figuring out new ways to understand the opposite sex.

Don’t put us in the ‘Eastern European box’, there are many countries in Eastern Europe and we’re not all alike (e.g. Don’t say something stupid about Yugoslavia (there are still people who think Yugoslavia exists – knowing some basic facts is a must).But if that doesn’t happen, know this – the biggest difference is between Dinamo (Zagreb) and Hajduk (Split). You will be the beer bringer and snacks giver and after that you can walk away. So you just might stay, but then remember to support all of his lines. It would be nice, if you are a beer lover, to have a “plan b” drink.Of course, I am now referring to all of you rare football non-lovers, because in Croatia, football is life. So the best thing to do is to go to a local beer pub and see for yourself.Yes, our names and surnames seem impossible to pronounce. And what we dislike the most is non passionate people, so if you’re one of them it might be quite hard for you to impress us.No, no one ever pronounces them correctly (even the sports commentators repeatedly make mistakes while pronouncing Croatian players’ names). However, it is very much appreciated when people make an effort to say something in Croatian. We’re passionate about music, about politics, about relationships. And even though we fight passionately, we make up even more passionately so it’s well-worth the fight.

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THEY LIKE THEIR BEER COLD AND GIRLS WITHOUT BEERThis is an optional advice. But usually, it is not appreciated if girls drink beer. You won’t make a big mistake, after all you are here to find out what all the (beer) fuss is about.