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The app was proposed by gay staff members at the company and given the green light by Andreev after he heard their request for something a bit different from Scruff and Grindr.Pedro Mejuto, head of product strategy, was one of the employees who brought the idea of Chappy to Andreev.That, Andreev said, is because of the infrastructure that Badoo has allowed for."[You] need to find investors that believe in you and give you money.We can see where we have weak spots.” He pitched the idea to Andreev and within a week it was in development.“It wasn't business driven, but there were a lot of people in the office who were worried that as a global player we were not nailing the gay market and there are powerful competitors and business to be done for a piece of the cake,” explained Mejuto.“Most of the businesses start now not for the business purpose, but because they see a hole in the market they want to fix.”In general, the apps that have come out of Badoo’s data banks have been produced with astonishing speed, as both Bumble and Chappy's stories show.

Andreev himself is a self-professed lover of starting and selling off businesses – “They're like toys for me, building something interesting, something innovative, and then sell the company and switch my attention to something new” – but what seems interesting about the company’s apps is that they have all been designed to serve very specific needs and have appeared as a result of vacuums in a fairly saturated market.

However, they’re not interested in providing an app experience for every group that feels underserved.

“We're not playing little niche games,” said Andreev.

“Now users can request a verified profile: I want you to be verified before I meet you, so they can request it and use our photo verification system, which only we have.”Then, introduced in just the last couple of weeks, are video chats inside the app: first trialled on Badoo, you can now find them on Bumble too. every one can provide video chat, but no dating apps do,” explained Andreev. You don't need to exchange numbers so you feel safe and you can see the boy or the girl and you can spend five minutes to see it's the same person as the pictures on the profile...

It expedites the whole process.”You may not have heard of Badoo before, but you definitely know its influence.

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We doubled it every week.” Soon he found himself with an expansive pool of data, a huge ocean of people looking to find love.

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