Gillian anderson duchovny dating

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To add fuel to the fire, Anderson also confirmed this week that she split with her long-term boyfriend and father of her two children, Mark Griffiths. When asked by the site if the two are an item, he replied: "It is not true."Duchovny is actually still married.

He and wife Tea Leoni separated in 2008 right around the time he checked himself into a rehab facility for sex addiction, soon reconciled, but then split again in June of this year, according to Leoni's rep.However, if the couple were ever to go public, then they would be confirming that David had cheated on his wife for many years (of course Tea cheated right back), so that may be the reason behind their hesitation.In David’s interview with NY Times he was asked if he still stays in contact with Gillian Anderson and he blatantly lied and said, “Gillian and I have an email relationship. Maybe if we do a convention — well, I’ve done one.” Ironically, multiple sources have seen Gillian and David together more than once or twice already in 2015 – and it is only March!"The whole thing about Gillian and I dating is so weird," he said."It's never happened, it's not going to happen, we're friends.

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Duchovny and Leoni have been separated for most of the last six years, but this week finally got around to making their divorce official.