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A female golden eagle usually lays between one to four eggs, and both parents will take turns incubating the eggs for between 40 t0 45 days until the eggs hatch.

Approximately twelve weeks after hatching the young eagles are capable of fledging.

Though fish make up much/most of their diet, the birds are opportunistic predators that will eat many other creatures like amphibians, reptiles, mice, rabbits, the eggs of other birds, and even smaller birds.

In terms of mating habits, bald eagles are suspected to be monogamous in nature, so once they find a mate they will stay with that mate for the rest of their lives, only taking another mate if their current mate dies.

Bald eagles create nests to hold eggs made out of grass, feathers, large and small sticks, cornstalks, and moss.

After bald eagles breed with one another the female of the species will lay between one to three eggs and incubate these eggs over a 34 to 36-day long period.

Much like the bald eagle, the golden eagle is a carnivore that preys mainly on reptiles, birds, rabbits, squirrels, fish, and sometimes carrion.

The golden eagle is the largest bird of prey in North America, and they are known for their light golden-brown head feathers/brown body.

Female golden eagles tend to be a little larger than their male counterparts, but all golden eagles are large as far as raptors go.

The golden eagle is the fifth largest out of all known species of eagles.

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Eagle cams are a popular way of viewing wildlife, with their easy accessibility meaning that anyone with an internet connection can get a live, up-close views of eagles.

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The bald eagle is referred to as “bald” because of its white head feathers, which contrast with the dark brown feathers of its body and make the bird look bald at a first glance.