Dropbox symlink not updating

Posted by / 27-Jul-2020 23:35

Dropbox symlink not updating

As of today, I have a cloud storage account on Amazon Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, i Cloud Drive and Dropbox.I mostly use Dropbox overall, but I also use Amazon Drive on my Kindle Fire, One Drive on Windows 10 and Google Drive for my photos and videos.Either you’ll have to create a symbolic link or there may be a feature whereby you can pick the folders you want to sync.

As you can see below, I have my One Drive folder on the left and a folder called One Drive Test inside C:\Test. We are creating a symbolic link (symlink) using the mklink command.

For example, let’s say you have a program that needs its files at C:\Program.

You’d really like to store this directory at D:\Stuff, but the program that its files be at C:\Program.

Instead, it uses the terms “hard link” and “symbolic link”.

In the Windows documentation, a “symbolic link” is the same thing as a “soft link”.

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In step 3, you choose which folders you want to sync down to your local PC.