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Daughter dating deadbeat

I had to change his headlights before and teach him how to hang a picture (which he managed to stuff up when he tried to do it on his own just a week after I showed him how). She earns more than him and she tends to work long hours.He tells everyone he's self employed like he's some big hot shot but he barely makes minimum wage.Get over your fat ego and appreciate people for what they are, people.Your daughter doesn't have to find someone that fits your damn expectations, it's her life.In the last couple of days he's tried to call me a few times and I've ignored his calls so far but now he has sent me a text message asking if we could catch up over the weekend. He's not much of a man; he's probably 75kg, couldn't lift a weight to save his life, couldn't tell the difference between a spanner and a screwdriver and his only life skills seem to come from playing video games and watching television. I really don't know how my daughter ended up with him and I can't give my blessing to their marriage. If he's a good fella who treats your daughter right then what's your problem. Not everyone is a CEO 100k If you've raised your daughter properly, then trust her judgement (or let her make her own mistakes in life).If he's a good fella who treats your daughter right then what's your problem. but the OP's daughter is already with this guy (and we assume she's happy enough).

OP, it sounds like you hit the jackpot when it comes to this hippie dippie guy.

So my daughter has been dating this guy for a while and things seem to be pretty serious.

There's been a lot of hints lately that he might pop the question as they say.

Good luck in life, my friend, and keep it mind what i have told you." Don't really think you can do anything for the moment.

If you try to talk her out of potentially marrying him it'll just draw her closer to him.

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He's one of those weird masseuse people into the energy and Chakra and whatever other rubbish.