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City officials believe violence is a public health concern, though more often treated as a crime and safety issue.Experts like Pelaéz believe that violence is often a response to a person’s environment or accepted norms.There are many reasons why, but teen dating violence is often different from violence in adult relationships.“When it comes to adult domestic violence, about 90% of domestic violence is perpetrated by men onto women,” Pelaéz said.“Jealously is possessiveness, it comes from a place of low self-esteem in the victimizer,” she said.“ Domestic and dating abuse are progressive by nature, so misinterpretations can build upon others and become dangerous.Another 2016 study by the American Educational Research Association shows that 10-25% of both male and female students in grades nine through 12 experience both physical and verbal abuse from a dating partner.Such statistics are surprising – especially in teenage populations – but they shed light on a complex issue that spans all socio-economic groups and cultures.

The abuse started “as soon as he “I’ve had my head split open, I’ve had my face reconstructed, and (I’ve had) the mental and emotional abuse, too, like controlling me, controlling sex, controlling money, controlling who I can talk to,” she said. FVPS even offers healing programs and classes for perpetrators, too.

That’s why in general terms that victim potentially will seek an abuser, at the unconscious level of course,” Pelaéz said.

“That’s where they find a certain level of comfort because that’s their normal, that’s what they grew up knowing.” Pelaéz has witnessed this truth firsthand with the hundreds of women she and her staff serve at the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter, a facility run by Family Violence Prevention Services, that offers free residential services, therapy, legal and medical assistance, childcare and a suite of other resources to women and children who have recently left abusive environments.

It is often difficult to part with that behavior as a child grows older.

“When the little girl grows up and she’s in her teen years and finds a partner, she will seek to match her skills with those of a person who has adopted to the counterpart skills (of abuse).

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