Dating the football team

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Many of the national team players were gathered together under coach Herberger as Rote Jäger through the efforts of a sympathetic air force officer trying to protect the footballers from the most dangerous wartime service.

Between 18, prior to the formation of a national team, there were five unofficial international matches between German and English selection teams, which all ended as large defeats for the German teams.After German reunification in 1990, the eastern football competition was reintegrated into the DFB.West Germany, captained by Fritz Walter, met in the 1954 World Cup against Turkey, Yugoslavia and Austria.The DFB was not a full member of FIFA, and none of the three new German states — West Germany, East Germany, and Saarland — entered the 1950 World Cup qualifiers.The Federal Republic of Germany, which was referred to as West Germany, continued the DFB.

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