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Dating someone who gets angry

Usually, we bottle up our anger so much that we wind up unleashing it on a man in a way he can’t hear – or we express anger about something completely different than what we’re actually angry about.If you’ve ever blown up at a man because he didn’t pick up after himself when you were actually craving more romance and attention from him – you were really feeling angry about feeling unloved, not about his dirty socks.If you’ve ever encountered resistance from a man when you share your feelings, think about whether you were actually sharing your feeling or whether you were making a judgement about his behavior or the situation. He can’t hear you past this because he feels blamed, criticized and wrong.Instead, focus on the actual feeling you are experiencing: “I feel really weird talking about this, and I don’t like feeling angry about such a small thing as ‘time’, but I feel crummy when I’m waiting for someone.” Notice how you’re not directly making him responsible for your feelings.

So let go of the need to control things, and instead allow yourself to be surprised.

If you’re often feeling let down by a man, ask yourself if you’re trying to dictate the course of your relationship.

Often we’ll create a script in our heads of how a relationship is ‘supposed to be,’ and we end up disappointed.

’ – you aren’t taking the necessary steps to understand why you’re feeling upset and how you should best approach the situation. And as our self-esteem goes down, we become less attractive.

Here, a guide on how to control anger in a relationship: ‘I am mad at my boyfriend! A man is naturally drawn to a woman who is in tune with her feelings and who has both the confidence and the self-love to not put up with what doesn’t feel good.

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Bottling up your frustration or expressing it the wrong way can instantly result in a loss of intimacy in your twosome.

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