Dating site pop ups

Posted by / 14-Jul-2020 17:27

Other redirects might take you directly to a page on your phone’s app store, hoping you’ll install the app.

Or they might show you scantily clad women and push a dating website. But how did a fake message like that get on an otherwise legitimate website? This advertisement contains Java Script code that navigates away from the current web page to a new web page, and that new web page includes a scammy pop-up message.

We tend to just navigate away from websites that show scammy pop-ups and look for better ones.

On an i Phone, you can install a content blocker like Ad Guard from the App Store and enable it to block ads in Safari.

The problem is with the website and its code, so you can’t fix it. If you encounter this junk on a random web page you find from Google or Facebook, just tap the back button and get away from it. It’s a big internet, and you can find something similar elsewhere.

But bad actors sometimes sneak their shady ads through.

Understanding what’s going on here requires understanding the basics of how advertisements work online.

On most websites, ad networks dynamically load advertisements.

When you visit a website, it requests ads from the networks selected by the website owner.

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Ads on the network compete for your attention via an automated “bidding” process that happens almost instantaneously, and the sites show the ads that pay the most to reach you.

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