Dating royal worcester bone china

Posted by / 24-Oct-2020 13:13

In 1900, Royal Worcester permitted the artists to sign their work, since it was their work that the public noticed most.

They were allowed to sign their work on the front of the piece rather than on the base.

There is a wide variety of such marks, which do add some clarity.

In 1990, the factory stamps reverted to a letter R beneath the mark.

But after 1793, the pottery was more clearly marked with the factory name which helps to date the items.

But it wasn’t until 1862, when the company was restructured, that the Royal Worcester marks were first introduced, and they did not become usual until 1867.

Then in 1996, the marks were printed in white as being even less intrusive.

These early marks incorporated a circle with the 51 in the centre and a crown – either just above the circle or attached to the edge.

From 1876, the crown slipped down onto the circle itself.

Early Worcester marks are very rare, with typically a crescent mark, which dates the piece from the Wall era before 1783.

While many of the earlier pieces do have marks, the early years saw the marks as irregular and a bit haphazard.

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