Dating questionnaire multiple choice

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Dating questionnaire multiple choice

An array allows you to create a set of subquestions. For example, you can use this question type when you need feedback on several aspects of a particular product.

It is an array question type that is prefilled with the following answer choices: "Yes", "No", and "Uncertain".

It's easy to get started creating Quizzes for your Classes.

Once you have created the Quiz, then you need to send the Quiz to your Class so they can complete the Quiz.

But there are certain question types (like the Array question type) which are basically a subset of questions where each subquestion can be answered by the survey participant (often by using a predefined scale of answer options).

A more complex example is the question type 'Array of texts' where the respondent has to enter values for combinations.

To change the type of a question, you have to first access the panel from where you edit the respective question.

You can create a whole survey solely containing form type questions or you can mix it up with the other question types.The most flexible array types are Array, Array (Text) and Array (Numbers)'.However, Lime Survey also supports a number of array types which have predefined answer options (e.g., Array 5 point choice).However, recommendation score questions, unlike NPS questions, which are based on a 0-10 scale, can be based on different scales.This page offers you a visual overview of all available question types.

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