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A back pocket basic, our Ryan bifold is crafted from smooth distressed leather with plenty of compartments to house cards, coins and cash.

We've designed this product with a special lining to help protect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in your credit and debit cards from unwarranted scanning.

“Women, for ages, have been told – at school, at work, in comedy – it’s up to you to make sure that the whole world doesn’t get distracted by your sexuality or your body.

So we had to dress in a way that was almost invisible.” We order lunch.

Saturday (June 22) saw blind auditions for the brand new season enter their third week.

One of the contestants impressing during the latest episode was 13-year-Ryan from Durham.

“It looked like I’d been smacked in the face with a brick by a little person,” she jerks her head back. It’s cool what aesthetic procedures can do.” What if her daughter came to her and said she wanted surgery? They’re told all the time, ‘you’re strong, you’re smart, you’re a superhero, you’re brave’. I had a mother who definitely had body dysmorphia – still does.” One of her younger sisters, Kerrie, is a medical aesthetician and together with her mother – who wears a corset every day – they swap extreme beauty tips “like a tribal language”.

“My lips have never been the same.” This is Katherine Ryan, then – compulsively, hilariously honest, even, or maybe especially, about the bits of her that are fake. Ryan says her mother is classically beautiful, like a skinnier Marilyn Monroe.

I don’t know what’s in them – could be like those little goldfish you win in a carnival. No one was like, ‘you’re weird’.” Do you really think you’re unattractive?

When she was a student (in city planning) at university in Toronto, she got a job at Hooters.

It was the start of both her comedy career and her feminist awakening.

“I’m not wearing one now,” she says, flipping her neat blonde bob. I think it’s Ru Paul’s Drag Race that says: do your make-up for the people in the cheap seats.” We meet just before she is due to start a 24-night run in the West End with her stand-up show, Glitter Room and preparations are in full flow.

She has been dropping into comedy nights around London, warming up her material. “I have an appointment at 2pm,” she says, snapping off her vast sunglasses that make her look like a very glamorous fly and pointing to an invisible crease between her eyes. She is 35 and started working on her face when she was 20.

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For her, it’s just another means of being honest – “I wouldn’t be like, ‘I woke up like this, hashtag no filter’.

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