Dating french clocks

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Yes, it can all get a bit confusing at times - - -The lunette date aperture appeared C.

More features appeared, such as seconds hands in a small subsidiary dial, date hands or wheels, and moon phases, usually in an arch on top of the dial, but sometimes in small aperture in the dial itself Dial centres were matted till C.1700, then engraved all over with foliage type designs till C.1730.

This type of hood top carried on from 1740 right to the end of the brass dial period.

Japanned, or Lacquered cases were fashionable from 1725 to 1770, some Northern examples are around, but many were stripped back to the wood years ago, when our climate caused the finish to deteriorate badly.

Country clocks often have a rather plain, but nicely proportioned Oak case, often with a flat top, but after 1740 the fashion came in to put horns on the top, often decorated with round wood or brass facings.

The "caddy" top was used from 1690 to 1710, then the fashion changed to the "pagoda" top, often with three ball and spire decorations screwed on right, left and centre.

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One-handed clocks continued to be made in country areas for a long time, so one hand is not an absolute guarantee of an early clock, but is a good guide.

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