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Does your idea, approach, or methodology have the potential to move your research and the field in a new direction?ALSF’s Innovation Grant provides seed funding for proof-of-concept proposals.Visit the ALSF website for further details and application instructions.

These scalable, innovative, and transformative exemplars of connected learning must include open standards, or commonly agreed upon interoperable standards for accessing, sharing, and protecting information across multiple platforms and services that “talk” to each other.Studentships are an important way to increase student capacity in applied patient safety research.They aim to create new collaborative learning opportunities to facilitate implementation of practical ideas and tools to improve patient safety.Full competition details are available on the Fo M Internal CRC Competition webpage.Request for name of applicant(s) prior to Competition Deadline: Once your Department/School has identified applicants to be nominated in the Fo M Internal CRC Competition (one CRC Tier 1 and/or one CRC Tier 2), please send Lina Jung ([email protected]) the name of the applicant(s) before the internal competition deadline (October 27, 2014).

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Successful Trust Challenge proposals must bridge technological solutions with complex social considerations around trust and open standards, including how to: Development grant award amounts will be determined by project feasibility and complexity, team member expertise, length of time required to complete the work, and level of institutional support.