Dating a non animal lover

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Dating a non animal lover

.” As a dog parent myself, I wondered how anyone could knowingly enter a relationship with someone who dislikes their pet, let alone ask for advice on how to fix the situation once the issues arose.Every voice in my head screamed, “don’t date someone who doesn’t love your dog!The best course of action this person could take would be to leave her boyfriend, and find happiness elsewhere.Though she seemingly would rather make her boyfriend happy than care for her dog, this will cause more damage in the long run.Unfortunately, the relationship this person found themselves in is quite common.There are many abusive, aggressive, and neglectful relationships that not only affect animals, but adults and children as well.As well, adjusting your relationship with your dog to suit your partner will cause your partner to believe that he or she is capable of doing this again in future situations. Dating someone, who shares the same morals, values, and interests, is of the utmost importance.If you love your dog, you should make that a requirement for potential partners.

Attempting to force a friendship between the two may cause more harm than good, and could result in your dog having trust issues with humans you introduce into his life.

My partner views the dogs as his own children as well, and would put his relationship with them before any relationship, including our own.

One of the forum posts I read described, in my opinion, an incredibly unhealthy relationship.

”I was completely baffled by the amount of support for continuing these relationships, and by the number of people who would consider their unhealthy relationship with their partner more important than their pre-existing relationship with their dog.

As a dog parent, I am adamant that the individuals in my life not only tolerate my dogs, but genuinely enjoy their company.

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If you are with someone who loves your dog, they will be more likely to become involved in your dog’s life.

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