Dating a hagstrom guitar

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Dating a hagstrom guitar

You can find out who bought it by clicking HERE And see the Hagstrom UK La Rita HERE See Anders Hagstrom Story for a major project on a La Rita too!I had never heard of the name Sammy until I was contacted by Alan Dawson from Australia This model is shallower in the body than a standard folk guitar. Jacaranda bands around the top and white strips as decor on the sides.Sported regularly by Guy Davis (See also Hagstrom Fans). I know that Hagstrom only made their classical for a very few years. Merideth" A large Spanish model in luxury style with back and sides of lovely flame-grained maple. Neck of mahogany and with head-piece artistically carved.Subject: Classical Hagstrom Hi, I have a classical Hagstrom I bought in 1974. Thanks for any information you might be able to give me. Fingerboard made of ebony and gold plated machine heads. Then Bill Langlands from Canada confirms our estimates in October 2003, and much improved pictures show it off well: Do take the time to click on the icon picture below for a larger view of the quality finish... I just found the site and was very pleased to see someone else with Hagstroms.It has rectangular pearl fret inlays instead of dots, fully bound headstock with Fleur de Lys, and a plain black pick-guard on a blonde body front. From the serial number, this example is from the mid sixties.Yet another variation came to our notice in May 2005. This model was a smaller more shaped body, yet with all the depth of the standard model. Courtesy of was marketed under the Hagstrom Western range sporting the distinctive later Hagstrom headstock shape, rectangular pearl fret inlays, thread through bridge and tailpiece, and again plain black pick-guard on a blonde body front. See more info on the Hagstrom Fans Page and a link to Gordon Giltrap's own site.

I only earned that summer, but my dad chipped in the other ten. ) top and the most gorgeous burl walnut (I'm guessing) back and sides. There is a red and black circular decoration around the sound hole and it has white piping where the top and back join the sides.

I have been told that it is the result of some production/model switch-around? I HAVE NEVER seen another one with TWO TOGGLE switches? : No fretboard or tail,but still in very good shape. : Or call: 358417795064/Tommi Hi Tommi, Can you please send me some pictures?

SERIAL NUMBER 731568 I can't seem ta upload a picture so I will link a video of it in action. v=Pm70r7UJu44 -Steve For those interested: Just posted my Scanbass for sale on Ebay. Or call: 358417795064/Tommi : I´ve got one and I´m broke. I was looking at a similar guitar in a music store in Helsinki last year.

You'll see small pictures on this page, and links to their dedicated pages with more detail. So Like - but unless anyone can tell me the difference - on photo, they looked the same to me... Then we received a copy of the 1967 Unicord Hagstrom Classics catalogue in May 2004!

With the then patented adjustable 'H' truss bar right through all the steel strung necks you could pull the action so low, you can't feel the strings pushing against the chords. Many were worried by this, but if you get the chance to try it, your fears soon disappear. Every level of spec and combination of woods all explained with stunning illustrations.

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