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Damage control dating

In a previous post, we talked about how to figure out what the internet says about you.If you’ve googled yourself, it’s possible that you’ve found at least one or two things that surprise you.You can cite privacy concerns or just let them know that you’re uncomfortable with it.If you’re on good terms with the person, or if they’re an amicable stranger, there’s a good chance they had no idea you didn’t like the content and they’ll rush to remove it.I've been seeing this guy for about about 2 months.the entire relationship, he has been very respectful and I thought he liked me a lot the entire time, much more than I liked him.In certain cases, it’s possible that you could pursue legal action, but that’s outside the scope of this article, so let’s just assume for the moment that the nasty info stays. Your best bet is to make sure that there’s lots of information about you on the internet.

(Addwekk has tons of information about how to manage your picture tagging).

But first things first: how do you delete incriminating info from your “internet record”?

Getting rid of stuff you don’t like can be an exercise in frustration, but it’s often worth the effort.

Sometimes, however, the hard truth is that content you don’t like is on the internet to stay.

Maybe you had a brush with the law, and your conviction is a matter of public record, or your nasty ex posted the vicious e-mails you sent him on his blog (while failing to mention that he cheated on you).

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Ditto your Live Journal, your Facebook, and anywhere else you post things that others need real life context about you to understand.