Customer complaints code terms service updating

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Customer complaints code terms service updating

They, Direc TV, wanted us to stay or switch to their streaming service at about more than what we now pay through Roku, plus with a pending price increase slated after the first of the year you just can not trust AT&T in any way.

In December of 2018, I Steve Hauseman sent a item (sponge bob stuffed sponge bob ) to animal lover via express mail. The folks behind the counter refused to wait on us or all the very polite college students who had just moved in.

I subscribe (pay for) only one channel (Acorn TV) and have had no problems with the monthly billing. I do sometimes have problems with load time of content, which I consider is due primarily to network congestion based on established factors I know about (other users, etc).

I take the time to restart the stick once every 2 weeks or so because there's no way to turn it off other than unplugging it. I see plenty of other users have major problems with various things to do with Roku, and because I haven't had any I thought I'd write this to let people know that it's not always difficult.

Sometimes it took 30 minutes or more just to find the channel. So then I switched to a You Tube TV/Chromecast setup.

And it was somewhat easier and also cheaper than Dish.

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But it was still far from easy to get the program I wanted on the screen without a lot of wasted time - and, I'll admit, a fair amount of swearing.

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