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are the financial statements prepared by a company (the parent) which has investments in more than 50% of the common stock of other companies (called subsidiaries).

Consolidated financial statements are prepared by combining the parent’s financial statements with the subsidiary’s.

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Guidance surrounding consolidation requirements of related nonprofit entities is found in Financial Accounting Standards Board Accounting Standards Codification 958-810.

In short, consolidation is required when an organization has a controlling financial interest in another not-for-profit entity (“NFP”).

The interest accruing to such outstanding investors is called non-controlling interest (previously also called minority interest).

It is because at 50% or more ownership, the investor controls the business and financing decisions of the investee effectively making the investee (now called subsidiary) just its own extension.

Does one entity have the ability to influence the operating and financial decisions of the other?

Perhaps one of the entities has an ongoing economic interest in the other.

If both economic interest and control exists, then consolidation will be required.

We would be more than happy to assist you in evaluating whether your nonprofit organization and its related entity requires consolidation.

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If an economic interest exists, the last step is to determine whether the NFP controls the other.

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